problems booting Dual 2.0GHz G5 PowerMac after moving from FC4 to FC5

Brian D. Carlstrom bdc at
Wed Apr 5 17:17:25 EST 2006

I installed Fedora Core 5 on a number of PowerMac G5's, all but one of
which previously were running Fedora Core 4. In addition to the Fedora
upgrade, the machines were converted to be dual boot with Mac OS X where
previously they were linux/ppc only.

I had no problems with quad core machines, 2.7GHz dual G5 machines, and
2.5GHz dual G5 machines. However our oldest box, a 2.0GHz dual G5
machine is having trouble booting, even though it had no problem with
FC4. Basically after the stage 1 boot selection, either linux or macosx,
I get a grey screen. I can boot linux via openfirmware and macosx from
the macos install cd.

The installation was done as follows (on all the machines actually)
1.) use mac os x disk utility to split disk in two even partitions
2.) mark first partion as free space, install macosx in second half
3.) after macosx completed, install linux with usually apple bootstrap (1mb),
    swap (16000mb) and the rest as ext3 on /. parted output is here:
4.) install completes fine, but on first reboot I cannot boot into
   either OS with first stage boot loader.

I can boot mac os x by using the install CD to pick the boot device. I
can also boot linux using the open firmware prompt and "boot
hd:2,yaboot" either using "o" from the stage 1 menu or from

I read about the yellow dog linux workaround for the quad core machines
requiring a post install rerunning of "ybin" but I tried that and even
an "mkofboot" without any improvement. I put the verbose, debug for ybin
and mkofboot here in case that helps:

based on a previous problem reports to the list, I also include ofpath
output as well as a tarball of /proc/device-tree and /proc/ide here in
case it is useful:

For reference, the FC4 yaboot version is listed as "1.3.12-10" while FC5
is listed as "1.3.13-0.18". there are not any updates to yaboot
available from fedora post install.

Should I try to move forward to the yaboot-1.3.14rc1 version? Should I
try to go back to a 1.3.12 version since that seemed to work in the
older FC4?


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