Netbooting like PXE

Benoit Guillon guillon at
Tue Dec 19 05:00:38 EST 2006

Paul Nasrat wrote:

>>Sorry for the delay, I've tried the patch and it works fine on our 
>>platform (except that I had to adapt a bit the load_config_file since 
>>the patch was not really synced with 1.3.14rc1).
>Could you post a patch against the current git tree (see
> )
Here is the diff between the current git tree and the patches I applied.

The changes from my own:

- The load_config_file() to work with boot_fspec_t * instead of three 
parameters. I am not really sure if the conf_path setting changes are 

- The ARRAY_SIZE(x) macro put in the function instead of a .h, since 
only used locally.

- load_my_config_file() called before load_config_file() when netbooting.

Hope this helps.


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