[Skiboot] [PATCH v5] hw/npu2-opencapi: Add initial support for allocating OpenCAPI LPC memory

Andrew Donnellan ajd at linux.ibm.com
Tue May 21 13:45:45 AEST 2019

On 21/5/19 1:18 pm, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Merged to master as of 1a548857ce1f02f43585b326a891eed18a7b43b3.


> One open question we have is how we deal with these new OPAL APIs that
> may need some further stabilisation before being ready for
> prime-time. Seeing as a skiboot 6.4 is probably a bit off, we have a
> window here, but we might want to think about what we do into the
> future. An NVRAM option to enable them (meh)? An ifdef (yuck)?

Good question. ifdef is unacceptable IMHO, even nvram is a bit yuck.

And we don't have this problem quite enough to justify a more advanced 
API versioning system, I think...

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