[Skiboot] [PATCH] Add in new OPAL call to flush the L2 and L3 caches.

Alistair Popple alistair at popple.id.au
Tue Nov 6 10:30:20 AEDT 2018

> > I assumed that it would be fine to write the type of flush and trigger
> > it at the same time... But their suggestion did have them seperate, so
> > maybe I should do it like that just to be safe?
> I suggest asking Alistair the expert  :)

Ha! We'd need to ask the HW folk to be sure. It seems unlikely we should have 
to do them seperately but we should follow their suggestions unless we have 
confirmed otherwise. Seems like a pretty minor comment though so not sure 
changing it really gets us much.

- Alistair

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