[Skiboot] skiboot 5.9.1

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Nov 14 11:11:32 AEDT 2017


skiboot 5.9.1 was released on Tuesday November 14th, 2017. It replaces
skiboot-5.9 as the current stable release in the 5.9.x series.

Over skiboot-5.9, we have two NPU2 (NVLink2) fixes and two XIVE bug

* npu2: hw-procedures: Refactor reset_ntl procedure

  Change the implementation of reset_ntl to match the latest
  programming guide documentation.

* npu2: hw-procedures: Add phy_rx_clock_sel()

  Change the RX clk mux control to be done by software instead of HW.
  This avoids glitches caused by changing the mux setting.

* xive: Fix ability to clear some EQ flags

  We could never clear "unconditional notify" and "escalate"

* xive: Update inits for DD2.0

  This updates some inits based on information from the HW designers.
  This includes enabling some new DD2.0 features that we don't yet

Stewart Smith
OPAL Architect, IBM.

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