[Skiboot] [PATCH RFC 05/12] opal-prd: implement basic heuristic for hservice_puts loglevels

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sat Jun 3 15:20:15 AEST 2017

Hi Dan,

>>  - all log output will go to a new log file, /var/log/opal-prd.log
>>  - log messages of LOG_WARNING and LOG_ERROR *also* go to the standard
>>    syslog paths (generally /var/log/syslog).
> I'm good with that.  We just need to get PE to update their FFDC
> collection scripts to grab the new file once it shows up.
> I would suggest you add a couple more cases in your compares.  We've got
> these constant in HB that are used a lot (though not all over) as the
> first 2 characters in our traces.  
> #define ERR_MRK   "E>"
> #define FAIL_MRK  "F>"
> #define WARN_MRK  "W>"
> #define INFO_MRK  "I>"

Oh, that's great then. If one of these is present, is it going to
be at the beginning of the puts() string?

Would it be worthwhile removing the strcasestr(.., "error"/"warning"),
and *just* using these instead? That would prevent the potential for
false classification.

We'd probably map both FAIL_MRK and ERR_MRK to LOG_ERROR. Or is FAIL_MRK
more of a warning? Or a notice ("normal but significant condition")?



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