[Skiboot] [PATCH v2 1/5] hdata: Fix vpd parse

Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli ananth at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Aug 28 18:08:10 AEST 2017

On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 12:47:59PM +0530, Vasant Hegde wrote:
> We detect vpd data format in vpd_parse() and set "op_platform" variable.
> dt_add_vpd_node() depends on op_platform to select parser type.
> There are places where we call dt_add_vpd_node() even before calling
> vpd_parse(). And in such cases it will not parse vpd data properly.
> This patch fixes above issue.
> Fixes: 694546c1 (hdata/vpd: Parse the OpenPOWER OPFR record)
> CC: Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli <ananth at linux.vnet.ibm.com>
> Signed-off-by: Vasant Hegde <hegdevasant at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

Acked-by: Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli <ananth at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

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