[Skiboot] [PATCH 1/2] vas: Set FIRs according to workbook

Michael Neuling mikey at neuling.org
Mon Aug 21 17:16:06 AEST 2017

This sets the FIR, FIR mask and FIR action registers according to VAS
workbook v1.20. It also renames them to make it clear what they are.

Without this any VAS error will checkstop the machine, rather than
potentially be recoverable.

Signed-off-by: Michael Neuling <mikey at neuling.org>
 core/vas.c    | 16 +++++-----------
 include/vas.h | 10 +++-------
 2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/core/vas.c b/core/vas.c
index 16b7fea934..0ac20e7c30 100644
--- a/core/vas.c
+++ b/core/vas.c
@@ -117,17 +117,11 @@ static inline int reset_north_ctl(struct proc_chip *chip)
 static void reset_fir(struct proc_chip *chip)
-	uint64_t val;
-	val = 0x0ULL;
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR0, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR1, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR2, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR3, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR4, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR5, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR6, val);
-	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR7, val);
+	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR0,		0x0000000000000000ULL);
+	/* From VAS workbook */
+	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR_MASK,	0x000001000001ffffULL);
+	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR_ACTION0,	0xf800fdfc0001ffffull);
+	vas_scom_write(chip, VAS_FIR_ACTION1,	0xf8fffefffffc8000ull);
 #define	RMA_LSMP_64K_SYS_ID		PPC_BITMASK(8, 12)
diff --git a/include/vas.h b/include/vas.h
index bc0aff7e1c..6bc2a1cd98 100644
--- a/include/vas.h
+++ b/include/vas.h
@@ -93,13 +93,9 @@ extern __attrconst uint64_t vas_get_wcbs_bar(int chipid);
 #define VAS_P9_SAT(sat, offset)		XSCOM_SAT(0x0, sat, offset)
 #define VAS_FIR0			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x0)
-#define VAS_FIR1			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x1)
-#define VAS_FIR2			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x2)
-#define VAS_FIR3			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x3)
-#define VAS_FIR4			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x4)
-#define VAS_FIR5			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x5)
-#define VAS_FIR6			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x6)
-#define VAS_FIR7			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x7)
+#define VAS_FIR_MASK			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x3)
+#define VAS_FIR_ACTION0			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x6)
+#define VAS_FIR_ACTION1			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0x7)
 #define VAS_WCM_BAR			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0xA)
 #define VAS_UWCM_BAR			VAS_P9_SAT(0x0, 0xB)

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