[Skiboot] [RFC] Doc: Add support to build OpenPOWER Foundation style documentation from RST

Jeffrey Scheel scheel at us.ibm.com
Sat Aug 19 05:22:03 AEST 2017

I've looked at this more closely and it appears that the deltas in code 
have exposed some of the original "fragility" I found in the conversion 
tools.  As such, I've decided to explore and alternative solution.  My 
current thinking is either to find a way to convert the skibook.tex file 
to docbook as a self-contained entity or generate the "singlehtml" file 
and use it.  Either of these routes would eliminate the challenges I've 
seen in file structure and links.

Initial look at using pandoc to convert .tex to .xml reveals a gap in link 
handling.  This could be a configuration problem, but I've not found a 
solution yet.  Additionally, some of the tables were not handled well.

A quick use of herold to convert html to docbook, seems to have generated 
better docbook.  This is the route I will continue to explore next week.

As such, no further work should be done on the patch.  Thanks for the 

Jeffrey J. Scheel
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