[Skiboot] [PATCH V2 2/5] capi: Move phb3 capp registers to specialized files

Andrew Donnellan andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com
Mon Apr 3 13:48:14 AEST 2017

On 01/04/17 03:52, Christophe Lombard wrote:
> The definitions of the CAPP registers for PHB3 are moved in a specific
> file.
> The updated file capp.h will be used for the common functionalities
> about the CAPP for PHB3 and PHB4.
> Signed-off-by: Christophe Lombard <clombard at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

Differences from v1 are whitespace changes and CAPP_FIR_{MASK, ACTION0, 
ACTION1} registers.


Reviewed-by: Andrew Donnellan <andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com>

Andrew Donnellan              OzLabs, ADL Canberra
andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com  IBM Australia Limited

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