[Skiboot] [PATCH V2 0/6] opal/errorlog : Generalize error log read/write routines and adds error log write to host support for BMC systems

Mukesh Ojha mukesh02 at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Jun 9 23:54:04 AEST 2016

Improve current errorlog infrastructure by splitting existing FSP specific
errorlog read/write routines into common and hw (FSP) specific routines.
This would add errorlog writing to host support for BMC based platforms.

It involves movement of some functions from FSP specific fsp-elog-write.c
and fsp-elog-read.c files to core/elog-host.c . Introduction of platform
hooks for elog info, ack, read and resend pending logs.

Patch 1 does function movement related to write to host path.

Patch 2 does some modification related to alignment, typo mistakes and
upper-lower case issues etc.

Patch 3 resolves the bug of not clearing the variable OPAL_EVENT_ERROR_LOG_AVAIL

Patch 4 does movement of opal registration of callbacks from fsp-elog-read.c
to generic core/elog-host.c. Detailed described in the individual patch.

Patch 5 Introduces the reference count field in errorlog structure and addition
of put_elog, get_log routine, which will be used in later patch.

Patch 6 adds the support of errorlog write to the host for BMC systems
using generic framework.

Mukesh Ojha (6):
  opal/errorlog : Generalize the errorlog write path to host
  opal/errorlog : Modification as per coding guidelines to make the code
    more legible
  opal/errorlog : Properly raising/clearing the event variable
  opal/errorlog : Generalize the errorlog read path
  Introduces get and put elog routine and reference count field in elog
  opal/errorlog : Enables errorlog write to host on BMC systems

 core/Makefile.inc           |   1 +
 core/elog-host.c            | 257 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 core/errorlog.c             |  31 +++++-
 hw/fsp/fsp-elog-read.c      | 159 +++++++++++----------------
 hw/fsp/fsp-elog-write.c     | 248 +++++++-----------------------------------
 hw/ipmi/ipmi-sel.c          |  16 ++-
 include/errorlog.h          |  23 +++-
 include/fsp-elog.h          |  29 ++---
 include/platform.h          |  23 ++++
 platforms/astbmc/common.c   |   6 +-
 platforms/ibm-fsp/apollo.c  |   5 +
 platforms/ibm-fsp/common.c  |   6 +-
 platforms/ibm-fsp/firenze.c |   7 +-
 13 files changed, 476 insertions(+), 335 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 core/elog-host.c


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