[Skiboot] [PATCH] Subject: libflash: Support for Micron N25Q256Ax and Winbond W25Q256BV NOR flash

Andrew Donnellan andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com
Fri Jan 22 13:45:33 AEDT 2016

On 21/01/16 06:31, Adriana Kobylak wrote:
> These 32MB chips are used in the Barreleye OpenBMC BMC.
> From: Adriana Kobylak <anoo at us.ibm.com>

The From: line needs to go at the top of the patch for git to see it. If 
you use "git config" to set "user.name" and "user.email" to your IBM 
address so your commit is recorded accordingly, then I *think* git 
send-email should notice that and put in the From header for you (I 
might be wrong, I use the same account for my committer ID and my email, 
so I've never needed to do this).

Other than that - thanks for addressing the other concerns, the coding 
style looks good now!

Andrew Donnellan              Software Engineer, OzLabs
andrew.donnellan at au1.ibm.com  Australia Development Lab, Canberra
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