[Skiboot] sparse warning in ipmi-sel.c

Stewart Smith stewart at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Nov 10 14:37:25 AEDT 2015

Hi Vasant,

I've been poking at sparse warnings in skiboot and I was trying to
figure out what's going on with this one:

hw/ipmi/ipmi-sel.c:192:33: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
hw/ipmi/ipmi-sel.c:192:33:    expected restricted leint16_t static [addressable] [toplevel] [assigned] [usertype] generator_id
hw/ipmi/ipmi-sel.c:192:33:    got int

Basically, it looks like ipmi_init_esel_record() sets
sel_record.generator_id to SEL_GENERATRO_ID_AMI but generator_id is
declared as le16 while SEL_GENERATOR_ID_AMI is just a simple #define

So I was trying to work out what everything should be, and if
SEL_GENERATOR_ID_AMI is already in the appropriate LE ordering or not.

Are you able to clarify/submit patch?

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