Petitboot on Odroid HC4 forgets Debian boot option

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Fri Jan 21 12:55:12 AEDT 2022

Hi Hubert,

> Hi all, I hope you can help me here because I have already tried
> several other ways without success.
> I purchased an Odroid HC4 and installed Debian bullseye on it. This
> option is given in the pre-installed Petitboot and so I did choose to
> do it this way.

Neat! I didn't know that folks were shipping petitboot for Odroid devices,
so can't really comment on the integration bits around that. However,
it should all be the same concepts here.

> After the installation completed Debian restarted as usual but from
> then I did not get an entry in Petitboot to start Debian.

OK, it sounds like petitboot isn't finding or reading the bootloader
configuration files that debian has written. In a standard deployment,
petitboot doesn't really have any state itself, but will try to discover
standard bootloader configs that the distribution creates in /boot/

Since it's a small Linux environment though, you can just drop to a
shell to debug.

The first thing I'd suggest looking at is the petitboot discovery log,
which should contain any information about devices found, and the
configuration parsing.

If you can grab /var/log/petitboot/pb-discover.log, then that should
give us a good idea about what's happening here. If you're happy to post
it as a pastebin / gist / etc., I'd be happy to take a look.

> I wanted to "reinstall" Petitboot by typing in pb-update but there is
> no newer version available and therefore no update is run.

pb-update isn't a thing in the petitboot code; I assume it's provided by
the odroid builds.



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