Petitboot on Odroid HC4 forgets Debian boot option

Hubert Zensner hzensne1 at
Fri Jan 21 05:36:22 AEDT 2022

Hi all,
I hope you can help me here because I have already tried several other ways
without success.

I purchased an Odroid HC4 and installed Debian bullseye on it. This option is
given in the pre-installed Petitboot and so I did choose to do it this way.

After the installation completed Debian restarted as usual but from then I did
not get an entry in Petitboot to start Debian. I could create a new menue item
and typed in the boot options manually (Kernel, Initrd, devicetree.dtb, etc.).
From there the system boots fine. But after the next reboot, the details are
lost again and I have to retype everything again.

Also a reinstallation is not possible because the boot options do not appear
anymore. I have no clue what happened.

I wanted to "reinstall" Petitboot by typing in pb-update but there is no newer
version available and therefore no update is run.

Any ideas what I could do there?

Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers

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