[PATCH v2 21/30] patman: Require tags to be before sign-off

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Tue Oct 27 15:53:46 AEDT 2020

Hi Sean,

On Sun, 25 Oct 2020 at 19:23, Sean Anderson <seanga2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/25/20 9:04 PM, Simon Glass wrote:
> > At present it is possible to put sign-off tags before the change log. This
> > works but then it is hard for patman to add its own tags to a commit. Also
> > if the commit has a Change-Id (e.g. for Gerrit) the commit becomes invalid
> > if there is anything after it.
> NAK. I put SOBs before changelogs in all my series. Doing it like this
> makes the pre-patman commit more-closely match what is sent to the
> mailing list, and what will eventually be committed. What is most
> important is the summary, the description, who has signed off, and
> lastly any changelogs which will be removed by git am.
> I also like to put SOBs on top because it groups all the commit-specific
> information before any patman-specific tags. The last commit (the HEAD)
> usually has several tags (Series-to/cc, Series-process-log,
> Cover-letter, etc.) which are unrelated to the commit itself.
> The tool should do what is best for us humans, not what is convenient
> for the tool.

I suppose it can be done. But we have the same problem with Change-Id.
Do you use gerit?


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