[RFC PATCH v2 0/1] add parserelations management command

Rohit Sarkar rohitsarkar5398 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 01:19:27 AEST 2020

Hey Daniel,
> I was thinking about this as I washed the dishes last night.
> Purging all relations in the database means that if any API-based user
> of relations emerges before the big public servers adopt a release with
> this, then they'll never be able to use it.
> What's the speed impact of doing two passes through the data, with pass
> 1 collecting all the projects that this touches and pass 2 actually
> installing the relations?
> Regards,
> Daniel

Dont know if you read my previous email [1], where I had essentially
outlined a non destructive approach to this. This way, I dont think we
will need 2 passes.


[1]: https://lists.ozlabs.org/pipermail/patchwork/2020-June/006631.html

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