How to re-send a series of patches?

Stephen Finucane stephen at
Mon Nov 5 23:46:21 AEDT 2018

On Sun, 2018-11-04 at 16:01 +0000, Christopher Baines wrote:
> Hey,
> I've been recently looking at setting up Patchwork, and been trying to
> get used to using it. So far, it's been going quite well, I've got a
> rough package and service for GNU Guix [1], and a test instance running
> [2].

Sounds like the actually deployment of Patchwork was a mostly painless
exercise? If so, good to hear :) If not, be sure to let us know of
anything in particular that hurt.

> I've become a bit stuck with re-sending a series of patches. The
> documentation [3] reads like there should be some involvement of the
> "initial" series, but so far with my limited testing, I seem to be
> creating new series [4].

I'm afraid the documentation you're referring to refers to the free-
desktop fork of Patchwork [1], which differs from upstream Patchwork
[2] you've deployed in some ways. One of those things is the support
for linking of series, which is incomplete in upstream Patchwork. This
fork also introduces a proper series view, which is something that is
also sadly missing from upstream.

> So, I just wanted to check what the expectations are for creating a "new
> revision of the initial series" and how the cover letter subject is
> used?

Upstream currently treats series as wholly independent from each other.
There is not currently any linking between them and once a series has
been sent, there's no way to modify it other than through changing the
name. We're planning to close this gap but, for now, the main focus is
on other features (time is limited). If this is a feature you really
need right now, the obvious solutions I can think of are to either port
the changes from the free-desktop fork into upstream, or simply deploy
that fork. Bear in mind that the fork has diverged significantly and
there are differences in the APIs and general features that you will
need to account for if you opt for the latter, but I guess it would be
less work in the short term. We do plan to close this gap sooner rather
than later (2.3, perhaps?) but we have no full-time developers and time
is always against us, heh.

Hope this helps,


> i had a little look at the source code, and as far as I could see, it
> looks like the find_series function in the parser module either
> delegates to _find_series_by_references, or _find_series_by_markers, and
> while the latter can match existing series by subject, the timebox used
> prevents it picking up series that were created a while previously.
> Any ideas,
> Thanks,
> Chris
> 1:
> 2:
> 3:
> 4: This is my test project, and these are the duplicate series I've
> managed to create:
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>  -
>  -
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