How to re-send a series of patches?

Christopher Baines mail at
Mon Nov 5 03:01:54 AEDT 2018


I've been recently looking at setting up Patchwork, and been trying to
get used to using it. So far, it's been going quite well, I've got a
rough package and service for GNU Guix [1], and a test instance running

I've become a bit stuck with re-sending a series of patches. The
documentation [3] reads like there should be some involvement of the
"initial" series, but so far with my limited testing, I seem to be
creating new series [4].

So, I just wanted to check what the expectations are for creating a "new
revision of the initial series" and how the cover letter subject is

i had a little look at the source code, and as far as I could see, it
looks like the find_series function in the parser module either
delegates to _find_series_by_references, or _find_series_by_markers, and
while the latter can match existing series by subject, the timebox used
prevents it picking up series that were created a while previously.

Any ideas,



4: This is my test project, and these are the duplicate series I've
managed to create:
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