[PATCH] Include all email headers in mboxes

Daniel Axtens dja at axtens.net
Thu Apr 5 23:47:03 AEST 2018

Johannes Berg <johannes at sipsolutions.net> writes:

> On Thu, 2018-04-05 at 19:58 +1000, Daniel Axtens wrote:
>> vkabatov at redhat.com writes:
>> > From: Veronika Kabatova <vkabatov at redhat.com>
>> > 
>> > Solves issue #165 (Exported mboxes should include In-Reply-To,
>> > References, etc headers). Instead of including only a few chosen ones,
>> > all received headers are added to mboxes.
>> Thanks for the patch.
>> I'm a little worried that this will get really messy - I've included a
>> snippet of headers from an email from an unrelated bug below. Maybe we
>> don't care - I guess this isn't really for human consumption but is for
>> consumption by e.g. git-am.
>> Alternatively we can blacklist headers: I don't think there's anything
>> worth having in Received, X-*, List-*, DKIM, ARC, SPF, etc. But I wonder
>> if this is just whack-a-mole in reverse.
>> Thoughts?
> I'm not really sure human consumption would be a worry for mbox files?
> Having the full headers - since it's sort of an email archive already -
> would be useful though.
> In particular, the change to keep the original Subject would be useful
> for us, as we have a script that automatically replies to the email
> saying "thank you, I've applied your patch" or similar.

Hmm, I think the hasher.py and patchwork-update-commits scripts were
designed to facilitate this sort of thing in a slightly more robust
way. But I've never really felt like I understood it, and I don't recall
any docs.

I hope that the change to the subject mangling doesn't break anything
else, but I can't imagine it would. [0]

> That said, using a dict for this is in general not quite right, since
> many header lines are valid multiple times, e.g. "Received:", but I'm
> not sure they're even all stored.

Right, you and Veronika have convinced me. Clearly as a developer of
patchwork my view is a bit skewed - I have to look at them fairly
frequently when people report parsing bugs so I forget that other people
don't do this.

Veronika - can you check on repeated headers issue that Johannes raises?

Thanks all.


[0] Obligatory xkcd - https://xkcd.com/1172/
> johannes

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