[PATCH 00/10] Patchwork Autodelegate patches

Finucane, Stephen stephen.finucane at intel.com
Mon Jan 4 21:03:55 AEDT 2016

On 26 Dec 13:23, Laurent Pinchart wrote:


> > However, all this is me thinking out loud for now, and I'm busy enough
> > reviewing patches and trying to get something approaching series
> > support into upstream (plus, you know, my day job) to volunteer
> > implementing this. As such, if you agree with my idea but don't think
> > it worth the effort (or just flat out disagree) then I'm happy to
> > give my review comments on this with an eye to merging it shortly. If
> > you do agree though, maybe we should hold off merging this until we
> > explore these options?
> > 
> > Thoughts?
> I generally like implementing features in a generic way, but as an occasional 
> patchwork user I have a hard time judging how useful it would be. The trust 
> issue that Johannes raised should also be considered here, to make sure that a 
> malicious user wont be able to take advantage of either the criteria or the 
> action to attack the patchwork host.

Yeah, I haven't exactly scoped it out enough yet to begin working on
it. It's probably best to add such a feature to the backlog and add it
in the future if the need arises (i.e. we get another "hook"-style
feature request). I'll work on getting this merged in the interim.


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