[PATCH 25/46] filters: Rewrite the submitter autocompletion code

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at linaro.org
Tue Aug 25 00:45:56 AEST 2015

On 10 November 2014 at 13:01, Jeremy Kerr <jk at ozlabs.org> wrote:
> Hi Damien,

>> A slight change in behaviour is that we now don't allow "free form"
>> submitter search, ie we need a valid completion to search with that
>> specific person (through its primary key). I didn't remove the backend
>> logic that allows the "free form" mechanism, but maybe we should.
> Originally, I've included that for the case where we have no client-side
> javascript, and hence no completion.

I use the free-form search all the time, because the autocomplete
results often seem to be rubbish (they don't always include what I
actually want and often include a lot of extra results that are
nothing to do with what I've typed). Luckily the autocomplete also
takes a second or so to kick in, so if you type fast enough into the
box and hit return you can get the free-text search. So I'd be sad
if the freetext search disappeared...

-- PMM

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