Bogus accounts in patchwork

Carl Worth cworth at
Thu Apr 24 04:21:26 EST 2014

Carl Worth <cworth at> writes:
> But with that, I was able to reduce the number of patchwork user
> profiles on from 1309 to 126. Thanks!

[Argh. Now I'm taking over the whole thread with self-replies. Sorry!]

It looks like the cron job cleaned up "Auth > Users" and the
"Patchwork > User Profiles" lists just fine.

But I still seem to have thousands of junk entries in the
"Patchwork > People" list, (and many are not email address seen in patch
emails---I have lots of true garbage entries such as:
nirsoiutbiycEQ nirsoiutuaplEQ <awackixiu at>).

So is the cron job missing some of the cleanup it could be doing here?

Granted, I'm already very grateful to have the cleanup in place that it
does do. Thanks again.


carl.d.worth at
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