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Carl Worth cworth at
Thu Apr 24 04:06:21 EST 2014

Carl Worth <cworth at> writes:
> I don't think our installation uses cron for anything related to
> patchwork. I grepped for "cron" in the patchwork source repository and
> didn't find any documentation on setting this up. Can you point me to
> what's necessary to fire off the autoexpiry if I have your patch
> applied?

[Sorry for speaking to quickly and now facing the embarrassment of
replying to myself.]

My grep only looked for "cron" within files, so I missed the filename, (which was evident enough when I looked
closer at the patch).

It didn't work for me to simply run this file, but by looking at the script[*] which I was already invoking from /etc/aliases, I
was able to adapt something that let me run

It does seem that it would be convenient if the environment-setup pieces
there were abstracted someway to make it more convenient to run
patchwork utility programs.

But with that, I was able to reduce the number of patchwork user
profiles on from 1309 to 126. Thanks!

I would have followed up with a patch to the documentation on how to
setup the cron job, but there are still two things I'm unclear on:

1. How should the environment-setup be done. Do we need another shell
   wrapper ( looking almost the same as
   It seems silly and fragile to duplicate this stuff.

   What's a cleaner solution?

2. What is the send_notifications() stuff in the default cron job all

   I commented it out before I ran this (since I just wanted
   autoexpiry). We've never run this cron job before, so I didn't know
   what messages would be sent to whom, and didn't want to spam anybody.

   So I also don't know how to document why someone would want to enable
   these cron-based notifications nor how they might configure or
   control them.



[*] Here's what I found in

BIN_DIR=`dirname $0`
PATCHWORK_BASE=`readlink -e $BIN_DIR/../../..`

        DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings \
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