Patch lost?

Wolfram Sang wsa at
Fri Feb 22 08:28:46 EST 2013


thanks for looking into the issue!

> Oh, OK.  Here's a really good guess.  The patch isn't present in the
> LKML project on either.  Lists that the patch
> were sent to:

Yeah, that looks plausible that the vger-lists are missing.

> * linux-kernel at - Not present (should be on
> * linux-i2c at - Not present (should be on
> * linux-arm-kernel at - Patchwork sees (
> * uclinux-dist-devel at - I see replies on
> "" but not the original

This list is moderated for non-subscribers, probably that's why.

> * linux-omap at - Not present (should be on
> * davinci-linux-open-source at - Patchwork sees
> (
> * linuxppc-dev at - Patchwork sees (
> No lists serviced by got the patch.  My best guess is
> that the patch had too many recipients and so looked like spam.

OK, so I probably got the mail because I was on CC (and not via the
i2c-list). Interestingly, gmane has the patch in the i2c-archive:

Yet, spinics and do not have it. So, it seems gmane has some
extra logic?

> Perhaps I should have trimmed down the list?

I'd wonder. vger should be used to large CC lists.

> Not in the habit of sending patches that touch so many files and
> usually I let "get_maintainer" decide who I should email (and use
> "patman" to call get_maintainer).

Ah, didn't know about 'patman', might have a look later. get_maintainer
is nice, yet I usually use it with --no-git to only CC the maintainers,
not the contributors for such kind of cleanups.

> In any case, thank you for applying.  :)

Thanks for doing the cleanup :)



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