New hook to update patch status on pull

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Wed Apr 3 00:37:31 EST 2013

Hi Simo,

> The current scripts rely on the fact you can install hooks on the master
> tree everybody pushes to.
> I cannot do that, I instead have a clone on the patchwork host and do
> cronjobed pulls. The post-merge hook is then used to analyse the pulled
> change-sets.

No, they don't require any hooks on the master tree. IIRC, most project 
maintainers using patchwork simply run a script on their local checkout 
to update the patchwork states.

In your case, I'd suggest a cron job to do a git fetch from the main 
repo, and run tools/update-patchwork-commits (or a similar script) to 
update the state of patches added since the previous fetch.



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