statistics from patchworks?

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Mon Oct 8 12:57:18 EST 2012

Hi Stephen,

> Is it possible to get some statistics out of patchwork
> like:
>   # of patches accepted per release
>   # of days patches reviewed
>   # of patches rejected/superseded etc?

I'd be happy to run a few queries for you, if you can give me a bit more
detail about the data you're looking for (dates for releases and/or
merge windows for your project would be great). I'm assuming you want
this done for the netdev project?

One limitation though: patchwork doesn't keep a historical log of the
changes made to a patch, just the current state. So, the first and
second items might be a bit difficult. This might be something to add in
future patchwork versions...

Sounds like this might be useful for other folks too. Any general
opinions on which stats would be most relevant?



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