Interactive client for Patchwork?

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Tue Nov 6 11:53:43 EST 2012

Hi Chris,

> I'm imagining an app like pwclient (in gtk or ncurses, say) that allows
> you to browse patches from the database, select one, git-am it, mark it
> as accepted, etc.  I guess we'd need the server to have something like
> an xml-rpc backend for logging in, listing patches and setting status.

Luckily, there's already an xmlrpc backend - this is what pwclient uses 
to access the patchwork DB. From the use-cases you've listed so far, it 
should have what you need already.

Check out apps/patchwork/views/ for details.

If you find that you need other functions, let me know. I've been 
thinking about an updated interface (something REST-based), but there's 
been no burning need for that yet. If that does get implemented, the 
XMLRPC interface can still exist side-by-side.

> Are these desirable features, or vetoed ones?  :)  I'd be interested
> in doing some work on this, if we can agree on a design.

I don't have any particular requests, and there's nothing vetoed. You 
have creative freedom to implement whatever you think will be useful :)

I'd suggest putting your code into a new directory in tools/.



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