Interactive client for Patchwork?

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Nov 6 01:09:08 EST 2012

Hi Jeremy,

On Mon, Oct 08 2012, Chris Ball wrote:
> Have there been any designs for an interactive client for Patchwork?
> I'm imagining an app like pwclient (in gtk or ncurses, say) that allows
> you to browse patches from the database, select one, git-am it, mark it
> as accepted, etc.  I guess we'd need the server to have something like
> an xml-rpc backend for logging in, listing patches and setting status.
> Are these desirable features, or vetoed ones?  :)  I'd be interested
> in doing some work on this, if we can agree on a design.

Please could I push for an answer on this?  The answer could be that:

* You're uninterested in these kind of features.

* You're unconvinced that this is a good idea, but would think about it
  more if given a full design for how it would work.

* Adding an xml-rpc backend to allow changes from other clients already
  sounds like a good idea, and you'd probably merge it if the code
  quality is high.

(There's already a django-xmlrpc¹ project out there that might help.)

Any hints as to which of these is closest to the truth?  Thanks,

- Chris.

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