Patchwork user permissions

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at
Thu Mar 31 01:13:44 EST 2011

Em 30-03-2011 04:28, Jeremy Kerr escreveu:
> Hi Mauro,
>> 1) I'm using facilities for Patchwork. As a project owner, I
>> cannot give anyone else any extra permission. I'm forced to contact
>> manager, if I want do do it;
> This is what I'm planning to address: allow 'lead' maintainers to add/remove 
> other maintainers from a project.

> However (as you say in your second point), all maintainers currently have 
> permissions to edit the state of all patches. To deal with this, it would be 
> feasible to (set by a per-project flag) allow non-lead maintainers to update 
> only the patches that are delegated to them.
> I'm not totally convinced that this is necessary though; do you not trust your 
> sub-maintainers to refrain from editing patches that they shouldn't? Or is 
> there another reason for this protection?

When having a large number of sub-maintainers (20+), we should take some care
to avoid one to touch on somebody's else work. At drivers/media, there are some 
gray areas (like i2c drivers whose usage is shared by several other drivers,
and don't have its own maintainer) and core stuff that requires coordination to avoid 
the risk of regressions when used with other drivers.  Also, there are always the
risk of collisions (e. g. two maintainers touching the same patch at the same time).
So, protecting delegation address those issues.

> As for the comments on a set of patches - we'd need to define 'groups' of 
> patches to attach the comment to. Simply delegating the patches does not 
> create any association between them.
> Would it work to add a 'note' to bundles instead? This way, you could select a 
> bunch of patches, create a (public) bundle, add a note to the bundle and then 
> delegate.

Yes, this should work, provided that I can touch at the bundle and add the
notes via pwclient.


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