[PATCH] Get rid of hard-coded absolute paths.

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Wed Mar 30 17:11:38 EST 2011

Hi Guilherme,

> This is so that you don't have to change a dozen variables when you deploy
> an instance somewhere other than on /srv/patchwork.


> +# If you deploy somewhere other than /srv/patchwork you need to change the
> +# settings below, preferably on local_settings.py instead of here.
> +ROOT_DIR = '/srv/patchwork'

This isn't overridable by local_settings; the dependent settings will be 
generated before local_settings provides the new definition of ROOT_DIR.

If you're happy with that behaviour (that the user needs to change the value 
here, rather than in local_settings.py), then I'll remove this comment and 
commit. Otherwise, we'll have to think up some way of allowing a later over-



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