Patchwork Update Errors

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Mon Oct 25 23:35:03 EST 2010

Hi Jeff,

> Any more idea's Jeremy?

Sorry about the delay, I've just been travelling to the US.

> I have tried adding the follwing:
> export
> PYTHONPATH='/srv/pathwork/apps';'/srv/parthwork':'/srv/patchwork/apps/patc
> hwork'

I'm guessing this isn't the exact 'export' statement, as there are a few typos 
here. With those corrected though, I would assume that this PYTHONPATH would 
be sufficient (I don't think you'd need the last two, but they shouldn't do 
any harm).

Try the following to see if there are any problems importing the patchwork 
module manually:

PYTHONPATH=/srv/patchwork/apps/ python -c 'import patchwork; print patchwork'

Alternatively, grab me on IRC (jk- on and I'll see if I can 
help more interactively :)



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