PatchWork feature request

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Tue Mar 16 12:39:38 EST 2010

Hi Ted,

> It would be nice if there was some magic header I could put in my e-mail
> messages: "X-Patchwork-Ignore: linux-ext4" that would cause patchwork not
> ignore the particular in question.
> Periodically I'll cc linux-ext4 with backports to stable kernel series,
> or a broadcast dump of all of the patches that I'm planning to push to
> Linus ("speak now or forever hold your peace"), and I explicitly don't
> want to have patchwork process them.

Sounds good, I like the idea of being able to selectively ignore mails based 
on project.

Just in case you haven't seen it, do you know about the X-Patchwork-Hint 
header? The header:

X-Patchwork-Hint: ignore

- will make patchwork ignore your mail for *all* projects (which may be too 
broad, if upstream is using patchwork too). I use this when sending a "this is 
what I will be sending upstream" mail to a project list.

Perhaps we could implement your suggestion with something like 'linux-
ext4:ignore', thus allowing hints to be project-specific.



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