PatchWork feature request

Theodore Ts'o tytso at
Tue Mar 16 11:11:21 EST 2010

It would be nice if there was some magic header I could put in my e-mail
messages: "X-Patchwork-Ignore: linux-ext4" that would cause patchwork not
ignore the particular in question.

Periodically I'll cc linux-ext4 with backports to stable kernel series,
or a broadcast dump of all of the patches that I'm planning to push to
Linus ("speak now or forever hold your peace"), and I explicitly don't
want to have patchwork process them.

It's not hard to just get them all dropped by selecting them all and
marking them as "Not applicable", but I imagine it's extra load and
extra disk space for or
servers.  So if I *know* there's no point having them be included, it
would be nice if I could mark them as such.

My suggestion is that make the header work like this:

X-Patchwork-Ignore: patchwork-project-name[, project-name-2, ...]

That way it's possible to send a patch to two lists, and only have it be
suppressed in one of the patchwork systems.

					- Ted

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