Merging patches

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Wed Feb 10 15:13:25 EST 2010

Hi Martin,

> In fact, it seems that Patchwork sometimes just screws up.
> was sent
> in direct reply to
>, but
> Patchwork still generated
> and
> Mbox with the two messages attached.
> What's wrong with that?

Nothing. Patchwork will *always* create a new patch (rather than appending to 
an existing one) when it finds a patch in a mail.

Otherwise, the maintainer will miss patches that are hidden within other 

From your earlier mail:

> Is it possible to merge patches instead? I don't think bundles are
> what I want, I just want to merge two patches that do the same
> thing, not two related patches.

I'd like to add 'relationships' between patches, but this is not a trivial 
thing to do. A follow-up patch may be:

 * A replacement for the original patch
 * An addition to the original patch
 * In the same series as the original patch
 * Completely unrelated to the original patch

So detecting this relation automatically is kinda difficult, based only on the 
threading info.



PS - I've been away and so haven't reviewed your contributions just yet. 
Thanks though, I'll take a look at them this weekend.

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