Annotating superseded/accepted patches

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at
Fri Sep 25 08:51:46 EST 2009


is there some way to store by which patch an existing patch was
superseded, preferably with a link to the newer instance? The web
interface only lets me change the state to "Superseded", but there is no
text field (or dropdown box) where I could enter a patch number or patch

Such a text field input in the web frontend would also be very
appreciated for the commit ID in case someone changes the status to
"Accepted". Right now I'm using pwclient to do this.

By the way, is there any official policy for or against making the
commit ID clickable? Of course that depends a lot on the source control
system and the associated web frontend, so maybe it would make sense to
have the user supply the link together with the commit ID as HTML and
supply that combination as commit ID to patchwork, e.g. <a
href="http://linktocommit">$COMMITID</a>. That way, patchwork itself
wouldn't have to know about dozens of different source control web
frontends and non-web clients would have a reasonably easy to parse "ID".



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