Show cross-posted patches in all projects

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Thu Oct 23 14:44:04 EST 2008

Hi Josh,

> Would it be possible to have patchwork show cross-posted patches
> in all of the projects it was sent to?  At the moment, if you
> send a patch to multiple lists that are watched by patchwork, it
> seems to pick only one of those projects to display the patch in.

This is because the database enforces a unique constraint on the 
message-id of the mail, mainly to allow patchwork to lookup patches by 
the message id. So, when patchwork receives the second mail with the 
same message id, it doesn't add the patch to the second project's list.

I think the correct fix is to alter this constraint to be unique on a 
(msg_id,project_id) pair instead, will get this done soon.



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