Show cross-posted patches in all projects

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Sat Oct 18 00:18:04 EST 2008


Would it be possible to have patchwork show cross-posted patches
in all of the projects it was sent to?  At the moment, if you
send a patch to multiple lists that are watched by patchwork, it
seems to pick only one of those projects to display the patch in.

Take for example:

That was sent to netdev, linux-kernel, and linuxppc-dev.  It only
shows up in the netdev patchwork project though.  I have to hunt
around for patches like that and guessing which project they are in
is "fun".  And there are also odd permissions things at play, in that
if a patch I'm responsible for is cross-posted and I'm not a maintainer
in the project it shows up in, I can't do cool admin things with it.


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