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Patrick Williams patrick at
Tue Jan 31 02:19:45 AEDT 2023

On Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 01:53:37AM +0000, Agnes Amreetha Joseph Arulraj wrote:
> Hi all,


I'm one of the maintainers of sdbusplus and probably the person who did
the presentation you screen-shotted from.

> I got the below information from one of the OpenBMC upstream sources. It says, currently this tool doesn’t support ASIO bindings. But they had a plan to add the same in future. Any ideas on this? Does the support present already?

This status is still accurate.  There is neither ASIO nor Client
bindings from the `sdbus++` tool.  I have no plans to add Boost::ASIO
support; someone else is more than welcome to take up the effort.

I did do some development last half to add C++20 Co-routine support to
the library.  I intend to use this as the basis for asynchronous server
and client binding support in `sdbus++`.  I'm hoping to be able to spend
some time starting in March to work on this, but like all things in the
open source world this is not intended to be read as a commitment to
deliver on a specific date.

Patrick Williams
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