Add UDP transport for rsyslog

Gleb Semenov g.semenov at
Wed Jan 18 22:36:15 AEDT 2023

Hello colleagues!

I'm a new member of the Yadro OBMC team and currently working on 
modifications of the phosphor logging service. Our client requested us 
to make OBMC's rsyslog to use UDP transport for remote logging. 
Currently it uses just TCP and this configuration is hard-coded.

It looks like the phosphor-rsyslog-config has only one external 
dependency, namely the sdbusplus library, which provides appropriate 
DBUS interface handler to configure network parameters. Also it needs to 
modify DBUS interface description for network client.

The following should be performed:

 1. Modification of the
    xyz/openbmc_project/Network/Client.interface.yaml interface to add
    the protocol attribute.
 2. Handling for the  interface changes in the code of the dbusplus library.
 3. Corresponding changes to the phosphor-rsyslog-config service.
 4. Proper changes to the REST/redfish API.
 5. Modification of the web interface and command line tools.

Also, current DBUS interface to the object implies two independent 
messages to change network parameters, one to set the IP-address, and 
the other to set the port number. They are not atomic and configuring 
just one parameter yields in undesirable state transitions of the 
service to configure. It is good to send all the parameters in one 
"atomic" message. But, I'm understand that this may require to persist 
current network parameters on both sides of transmission (or, at least, 
to have all of them on sending side upfront).

So, it needs to add  DBUS getters/setters for just protocol type, and 
all parameters at once.

I'm interested in what other components may be affected by such 

Your comments will be appreciated.


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