PSU Sensors Association with Entity Manager

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We are trying to implement psu sensors with entity-manager by defining
chassis and power supply in separate json configuration file according to
entity-manager's sample configurations.  PSU sensors are not displayed under
/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system/board/{chassisID}/all_sensors but
s. And they are not shown in the Web UI. Here is the powersupply.json
configuration we used:


    "Exposes": [


            "Address": "0x58",

            "Bus": "3",

            "Labels": [













            "Name": "Some_PSU",

            "PollRate": 5.0,

            "Type": "pmbus"



    "Name": "Some Power Supply Name",

    "Probe": "TRUE",

    "Type": "PowerSupply",

    "xyz.openbmc_project.Inventory.Decorator.Asset": {

        "Manufacturer": "SomeManufacturer",

        "Model": "SomeModel",

        "PartNumber": "SomePart",

        "SerialNumber": "SomeSerial"



We examined the Inventory and LEDs page from bmcweb logs and we saw that
sensorAssocPath does not include our psu sensors in the
getInventoryItemAssociation() method in sensors.hpp. sensorAssocPath filled
from sensorNames vector and this vector comes from
/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system/board/{chassisID}/all_sensors as much
as we understand. So our question is how to show psu sensors in the WebUI
and what can possibly be wrong with our configuration. Do we certainly need
to list psu sensors under
/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system/board/{chassisID}/all_sensors? Also
what needs to be done to show the manufacturer and model information of
Power Supply in UI too?

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