Linux kernel updates and v6.0

Joel Stanley joel at
Wed Sep 28 16:34:53 AEST 2022

Hello OpenBMC,

We've been using the v5.15 kernel as a base for almost 11 months. In
that time there's been 16 bumps to pull in stable fixes. We have
merged about 300 patches in that time to support new machines, and new
hardware, including MCTP, nct6775, lm25066, aspeed-adc and aspeed's
spi-nor devices.

It's time to move to a new base to ensure progress is made on our
mission to upstream all of the support. By rebasing on a new kernel
release we can see what work has been done, and what remains. Since
v5.15 we have upstream support for:

 - PECI, thanks to Jae and Iwona
 - MCTP, thanks to Jermey and Matt
 - spi-nor, thanks to Cédric
 - nct6775 i2c and lm25066, thanks to Zev
 - ast2600 adc, thanks to Billy
 - ast2600 gfx, thanks to Tommy

and others I have missed.

In addition to the ASPEED changes the Nuvton hackers have been hard at
work. We now have support for their latest generation  Cortex-A35 BMC,
the npcm845 "Arbel" and it's eval board. Likewise the HPE "GXP"
Cortex-A9 ASIC now has upstream support. Congratulations to both teams
for this work.

I have prepared a v6.0 tree that contains backports of the FSI and
Aspeed v6.1 patches, and a small set of existing patches. I will
publish this on Monday, or once v6.0 final has been tagged.

As promised the last time we rebased, the Nuvoton patches that have
not seen any updates since they were merged in 2019 have been dropped.
They are welcome to be resubmitted as long as they are also being
worked on upstream.

Please address any future patches to the dev-6.0 tree.



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