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Thu Oct 13 21:32:41 AEDT 2022


I recognize that the design document process could use some improvement
in order to get faster forward progress on design proposals.  Right now
I am the only maintainer of that repository.

There are a number of reasons documents stall out and I'm not going to
attempt to enumerate them now.  One thing that has been discussed is
having the TOF weigh in on contentious designs.  We did a dry run of
this with a recent inventory design[1], which seemed rather successful.

Right now the number of outstanding designs is well over 100 but of
those only ~20 have been touched in the last 6 weeks, which is a much
more manageable set.

What I am going to do is close any design that is older than 6 weeks
and marked WIP and then go through the remainder and come up with a
disposition on what the next steps are with them.  Hopefully this will
lead towards a process for handling designs at a faster cadence.

Net: If you see a design closed that you are still planning to work on,
re-open it and mark it WIP.  If you think that someone else in the
community is suppose to take next steps, please comment to that effect.


Patrick Williams
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