Newbie question on Redfish URI resource names

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Thu Jun 9 04:06:33 AEST 2022

Hello all,
New to OpenBMC, and am not clear on one thing as pertaining to the Redfish schema and URI resource names:
The DMTF Redfish schema URIs are defined as:
Vendors can use their own names for {ChassisId}, {ManagerId}, and {ComputerSystemId} as long as they conform to the syntax rules.
Question: Does OpenBMC specify names for these resources as part of the OpenBMC spec? Or does OpenBMC just refer to the existing DMTF Redfish schemas?
I ask because I have seen reference to the following names in examples for Managers and Systems on the OpenBMC website:
In summary, does OpenBMC specify these resource names as part of their spec, or does it refer to existing DMTF Redfish schema specs?
Thank you!
Jeff Friedman
Sr. Field Systems Engineer | ZT Systems
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