Intrusion sensor problem on Lewisburg C621

Georgiy Matyukhin g.matyukhin at
Wed Jul 27 22:28:55 AEST 2022

Hi guys.
I faced a problem with intrusion sensor on a Lewisburg C621 PCH.

In dbus-sensors there is intrusion sensor daemon which intended to work
with Lewisburg PCH, but there is only code to read intruder state (INTRD_DET) and
no any mention about intrusion sensor reset (ChassisIntrusionSensor.cpp).
We are looking for a way to reset INTRD_DET from BMC.

According to the C621 datasheet, this bit must be cleared by writing 1 to it.
But reading the documentation led to the conclusion that one set of registers is
available for reading via SMBUS (table 26-8 of the C621 datasheet),
and for writing - another (table 26-5). Probably the idea of the C621 developers
is that the INTRD_DET bit can both be read and cleared via PCIe, but only read via SMBUS?

If it isn't possibly to reset intruder from intrusion sensor, how it supposed to work in Intel BMC?
Or is there some way to clear this bit over SMBUS?

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