Request to add "meta-google/recipes-google/console/" to auto bump

Patrick Williams patrick at
Wed Jul 13 21:56:53 AEST 2022

On Tue, Jul 12, 2022 at 11:42:58AM -0700, Brandon Kim wrote:
> Hello,
> Following the instructions in
> we'd like to request "
> <>"
> to be added to the autobump list if possible (or let us know if the
> instruction is outdated - or if there is concern for adding a meta-google
> recipe to the autobump list). It points to a public github repo under
> google:

This instruction is correct still.  You should never use AUTOREV in a
recipe.  It makes it so that builds are not reproducible and at a
minimum breaks the release process.  When we make a release we'd have
to make an additional commit to pin all the AUTOREVs, which we don't
currently do.  If you look through the entire tree, including all the
Yocto meta-layers, you shouldn't see any examples of using this in a
formal meta-layer(*).

I don't think we should add glome to the autobump list.  This list
currently only contains recipes under the openbmc org.  Honestly, glome
shouldn't even exist in meta-google[1].  There has been some discussion
about what does "well-maintained open source projects" mean, but lately
we've been interpreting this guideline to mean "nothing outside the
openbmc org".  The expectation is that if you really are pointing at a
"well-maintained open source project" you should have no trouble getting
it put into meta-openembedded instead.  This saves us the trouble of
having any debate about what is / is not "well-maintained".

My recommendation would be to move glome to a Yocto/OE meta-layer and
deal with them for updates because that is what we've been suggesting
for anything not in the openbmc org lately.

(*) I do see one in one of _our_ meta-layers and this needs to get
    fixed... one of the problems of opening up machine metas to almost
    any company who asks with little review oversight.


Patrick Williams
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