[OpenBMC][Test Automation] Test Bmc Dump test failed

CS20 CHLi30 CHLI30 at nuvoton.com
Thu May 20 14:27:51 AEST 2021

Hi All,

We found that some of "Test Bmc Dump" items are failed when we run test automation.
After checking log and source code that seems relate to return type of CreateDump() in phosphor-debug-collector
is not consistent with OpenBMC-Test-Automation/redfish/extended/test_bmc_dump.robot.

Seems we need to modify test_bmc_dump.robot about return type from "Create User Initiated Dump" keyword
from ${dump_id} to object_path according current CreateDump() implementation in phosphor-debug-collector, am I right?

CreateDump() change return type from uint32_t to object_path from this commit:

However, in OpenBMC-Test-Automation/redfish/extended/test_bmc_dump.robot
Verify User Initiated BMC Dump When Powered Off
    [Documentation]  Create user initiated BMC dump at host off state and
    ...  verify dump entry for it.
    [Tags]  Verify_User_Initiated_BMC_Dump_When_Powered_Off

    Redfish Power Off  stack_mode=skip
    ${dump_id}=  Create User Initiated Dump
    Check Existence Of BMC Dump File  ${dump_id}

Run keyword "Create User Initiated Dump" still using dump id (uint32_t) to check create bmc dump functionality.
Thus, we got error message from "Check Existence Of BMC Dump File  ${dump_id}" as below:
Evaluating expression '/xyz/openbmc_project/dump/bmc/entry/1 == None' failed: SyntaxError: invalid syntax.

Repo steps:
Run test automation: robot -t Verify_User_Initiated_BMC_Dump_When_Powered_Off redfish/extended/test_bmc_dump.robot

screenshot from test automation report for you refer it.
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D74D73.8C2EBCD0]

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