Mapping standard D-Bus sensors to ProcessorMetrics (and other specific schemas)

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Mon May 17 17:38:27 AEST 2021


Part of the problem can be solved with existing solutions. At least If I 
understood you correctly. There are still some questions or opens to 
cover. I would appreciate if you found time to respond.


W dniu 5/12/2021 o 13:17, Ambrozewicz, Adrian pisze:
> W dniu 5/11/2021 o 18:26, Ed Tanous pisze:
>> On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 7:53 AM Patrick Williams <patrick at> 
>> wrote:
>>> On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 01:52:51PM +0200, Ambrozewicz, Adrian wrote:
>>>> W dniu 4/9/2021 o 14:05, Patrick Williams pisze:
>>>>> On Wed, Apr 07, 2021 at 02:24:55PM +0200, Ambrozewicz, Adrian wrote:
>>>>> I suspect this would be the more difficult direction to go down.  
>>>>> There
>>>>> is already enough code that looks for sensors at specific paths that
>>>>> you'd have to track down and fix up.  Also, there has been some 
>>>>> concern
>>>>> by some maintainers in other cases about having information in the 
>>>>> paths
>>>>> have meaning and prefering to reduce the reliance on that.
>>>> Please see message from Ed, as he's supposedly proposing to follow that
>>>> path. I don't have strong opinions on one or the other approach.
>>> I suspect you are not signing up to change all the existing code.  I'll
>>> look at Ed's reply though.
> Crisis averted - paths and names dropped out from scope :)
>>>> I've read the design, however one thing is not clear for me. My current
>>>> understanding was that for each association there would need to exist
>>>> some D-bus object at given path somewhere. Would i need my CPU 
>>>> inventory
>>>> service to also expose separate objects for each core for my 
>>>> association
>>>> to be 'legal', or could we represent some virtual hierarchy with no
>>>> actual D-Bus object in the system?
>>> Yes.  You would need an inventory object for each entity you want to
>>> attach sensors or metrics to.  This doesn't seem like it should really
>>> be an issue.  Other people have been working on adding CPU Cores already
>>> and there is the xyz.openbmc_project.Inventory.Item.CpuCore defined.
> Thanks for pointing that out. It seems like logical path to follow. Do 
> you have some pointers to some reviews or discussion? CpuCore as of now 
> is empty.
>>>>>> I've done some PoC implementation of ProcessorMetrics, which 
>>>>>> relies on
>>>>>> new D-Bus interface with 'Mapping' property (eg. 
>>>>>> 'TemperatureCelsius' or
>>>>>> 'CoreMetrics/12/UnhaltedCycles'). ProcessorMetrics node 
>>>>>> implementation
>>>>>> queries D-Bus for all sensors associated with given CPU and populates
>>>>>> properties if proper mapping was found.
>>>>> I'm not really grasping what the contents of this mapping property 
>>>>> are.
>>>>> Generally we want to stay away from free-form strings having 
>>>>> programatic
>>>>> uses.  Maybe if you can define these mappings as enumerations?
>>>>> What is the additional information you need besides the assocation 
>>>>> from
>>>>> a sensor to its inventory item?
>>>> In given example I would like my sensor to be source of information for
>>>> property defined by ProcessorMetrics schema. In the example I've used
>>>> property associated with given Core, thus CoreMetrics/12/UnhaltedCycles
>>>> maps directly to ProcessorMetrics sub-property. Enumerations could be
>>>> not enough as we have multiple informations to represent:
>>>> - association with given processor (done by ProcessorMetrics)
>>>> - association with given core (could that be handled by your proposed
>>>> design?)
>>>> - linking to given property
>>>> Would the enumeration be used for the last element, while leaving
>>>> hierarchy problem to Associations?
>>> "UnhaltedCycles" is not a sensor, just to be clear.  IPMI might have
>>> called these kinds of things sensors but we do not.  Sensors for us
>>> measure physical properties.  This is just a property (or maybe a
>>> "metric") but it doesn't belong in the sensors namespace or modeled with
>>> a Sensor.Value.
> Up to this point we've established, that sensors/metrics would be linked 
> to given item by association. That leaves figuring out how to 'glue' 
> together Redfish property with given D-Bus entity.
>> This somewhat brings up a good point, what is a "sensor" on dbus?  I
>> would've assumed that these would be well represented as sensors, as
>> they do measure physical properties.  I hadn't assumed that they had
>> this limitation because we do have the
>> /xyz/openbmc_project/utilization namespace defined already.  If we're
>> going down the path of "must be physical" it would seem like
>> utilization should be moved out of the sensors interface?  Or am I
>> taking your statement too literally?
> Agreed. I suppose we should forget about 'old ways' and previous meaning 
> of IPMI sensor. BTW Redfish specifies such properties as 'metrics'.
> What are the limitations of Sensor.Value interface when it comes to 
> representing values in ProcessorMetrics and similar schemas?
> ProcessorMetrics uses such units for its metrics:
> - bytes
> - % (already available as 'utilization')
> - MHz
> - Cel (altready available as 'temperature')
> - count (number of events/occurrences)
> I suppose that we could just extend namespaces and units of Sensor.Value 
> to cover them and call it a day. We would retain compatibility with 
> existing sensors code, TelemetryService etc. (I agree with below comment 
> by Ed). I am aware, that when more schemas and metric types comes this 
> list will grow, but do we have other alternative?
> What are your thoughts? If Sensor.Value is not the way, then how would 
> we define the next interface?
>> Not reusing sensor seems like it would lead to a lot of code
>> duplication, as every API would now need to understand everything
>> about every "publishes real time telemetry" type interface, and every
>> time we add a new one, we'd (probably) have to update the code to add
>> the new type.  That doesn't really seem maintainable to me for every
>> type of telemetry we might want;  If a sensor isn't the right place to
>> put it, how would we solve the "I want to publish all telemetry
>> values" type use cases?  Maybe namespace the interface itself, so we
>> can use the arg0namespace feature in match expressions?  I'm thinking
>> out loud at this point...
>>> I don't know why the "linking to a given property" would be a dbus
>>> representation.  Metric service should know which properties from dbus
>>> map to some metric entity, right?  For a one-user piece of information,
>>> I don't see a good reason to put this on dbus.
>> I think the issue here is how do you know that a specific value
>> relates to say, the processor utilization, or the ram utilization, or
>> the smart statistics?
> Yes, this is the gap we still need to address. Perhaps idea with with an 
> well defined enum is not a bad one?
> Taking an example of ProcessorMetrics\CoreMetrics[]\UnhaltedCycles
> We would have an D-Bus sensor with given interfaces:
> xyz.openbmc_project.Association.Definitions
> .Associations    {"cpucore", "all_sensors", "/xyz.../core/5"}
> xyz.openbmc_project.Sensor.Value
> .Unit        "Count" # new unit
> .Value        123123
> xyz.openbmc_project.CpuCore.Metrics # New imagined interface with enum
> .Type        "UnhaltedCycles"
>>> -- 
>>> Patrick Williams
> Thanks a lot for your input, it seems like we're going in good direction.

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