SYSTEMD_OVERRIDE do not install into image

David Wang (王振宇) DavidWang at
Fri Jun 11 15:56:06 AEST 2021

Hi all,

I have written SYSTEMD_OVERRIDE into the bbappend file, and bitbake does package a conf file,
But the conf file is not installed in obmc-phosphor-image.
Am I missing any steps? I used the same method to overwrite LED.GroupManager.service and it succeeded
What makes these different? Please leave any comments, thank you.

SYSTEMD_OVERRIDE_${PN} += " service-override.conf:xyz.openbmc_project.Network.service.d/service-override.conf"

armv7a-openbmc-linux-gnueabi/phosphor-network/1.0+gitAUTOINC+fc3aff9165-r1/package/lib$ tree
└── systemd
    ├── system
    │   ├── xyz.openbmc_project.Network.service
    │   └── xyz.openbmc_project.Network.service.d
    │       └── service-override.conf

obmc-phosphor-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/lib/systemd/system$ ls xyz*service.d -dl
drwxr-xr-x 2 user user 4096  11 13:33 xyz.openbmc_project.LED.GroupManager.service.d

Best Regards,

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