cannot modify the files in the overlay file system

Joel Stanley joel at
Tue Jun 8 16:07:58 AEST 2021

On Wed, 2 Jun 2021 at 12:43, 周 远清 <zhouyuanqing8 at> wrote:
> Hi Team,
>    mount command is follow:
> mount -t overlay overlay -o redirect_dir=on,index=on,lowerdir=/run/initramfs/ro/usr/bin,upperdir=/run/initramfs/rw/cow1,workdir=/run/initramfs/rw/work1 /run/initramfs/rw/merged
>    After I mounted the overlay file system , I used vi to open the file (vi in the merged directory, and then when I saved it, it prompted "' Invalid argument". Can you help me solve this problem?
>    On my system, this problem occurs probabilistically on openbmc 2.8.0, and the probability is very low; but on openbmc 2.9.0, it must occur.
>    openbmc release version :2.9.0
>    kernel version:5.10.14。

This kernel has known bugs and security vulnerabilities. I suggest
moving your kernel to the latest form dev-5.10 by cherry picking this
commit into your openbmc tree and re-testing:

git fetch origin
git checkout 25633f1351521fd26469b21ddbe339e3f874182d --
git commit -sm "meta-aspeed: Update to latest kernel"

See if that fixes your issue.

My guess is you're using JFFS2, and you lack a fix that was included
as of v5.10.36.



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